GoodLook 5.2.1

Convert your image files into auto-executable archives


  • Allows you to magnify and analyse images easily
  • Provides meta-information relating to images


  • Can be slow in archiving images

Not bad

GoodLook creates an auto-executable SGA file from an image, so that anyone can independently visualize it whether or not they have the appropriate viewing program installed. Once they execute the file created with GoodLook, the user will be able to choose between seeing the image in it's original size or in an adapted format for the screen. In this latter case, they will have access to a magnifying glass that amplifies the selected part.

SGA is a type of self extracting archive that stores digital photo or other kind of graphics. You can both extract graphics from the archive and view the photos without extraction via an embedded viewer. This viewer fits the photos to the screensize and shows meta information relating to the pictures.

If you need to share and analyse photos in great detail, then GoodLuck is an excellent solution although be warned that creating the archives can sometimes be slow depending on how many images you have and what resolution they are in.

GoodLookPro is an archive maker specially designed for working with digital photos and other kinds of graphic files. This archver makes SGA (Smart Graphic Arhive) from usual graphic files (jpeg, bmp, pcd etc.)

If you've never seen SGA in action before, you'´ll be amazed at what it can offer and can check our website for some stunning examples of what it can do for you.



GoodLook 5.2.1

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